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Empowering your Creator Marketing with influData

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Empowering your Creator Marketing
Discover & analyze creators world-wide. Get the best audience insights & manage campaigns.
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Empowering your Creator Marketing
Discover & analyze creators world-wide. Get the best audience insights & manage campaigns.
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Influencer Marketing Campaigns
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1,000+ customers in over 50 countries
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Creator & Brand Discovery
Collaborate with Creators that suit your brand and target your niche with precision. We offer intuitive discovery options that deliver results in less than a second. Also analyze your competitors and get insights into past campaigns.
Section of the influData app showing a list of search results for the Creator & Brand Discovery function
Extract from the influData app showing statistics and analytics for an Influencer, to show the Audience & Analytics function
Audience & Analytics
Over 50 metrics will help with evaluating if a creator is the right fit. Find the audience’s exact location, gender, age groups and more. Get insights into how the creator performs on different platforms, on past campaigns, or how real and engaging the followers are.
Reels, Shorts, Posts, Stories, Videos - Your All-In-One Platform
influData covers your complete social media funnel
20 different analytics for each influencer help to uncover the real quality.
Get the Audience Insights with one click - the best data in the industry.
Discover more than 15 Million influencers filtered by 10 different parameters and free-text search.
Explore published content by hashtags, mentions and captions.
Discover and analyse over 100k Shorts creators and 5 million regular creators on YouTube.
Fully specialised on Shorts content and creators.
25 metrics for performance analysis and audience insights of every creator.
World's first sentiment analysis for YouTube comments.
Discover and analyse over 10 million TikTok creators world-wide.
Find the most-growing and trending creators on the platform in seconds.
Search videos and creators using any keywords, hashtags or mentions you want.
Get the most detailed insights into the audience of interested users by country, language, gender and more.
Save time and make your campaigns more successful
influData can do so much more to support your team and increase your ROI.
Organize & Collect
Use collections to store your influencers for your next campaign. Additionally, any member can create private and public collections and can decide who can view and edit each collection.
Track your campaigns
Get a complete overview of an influencer's posts and stories from the moment you start the tracking and add the creator to one or more campaigns.
Audience Overlap
Which percentage of followers of two or more influencers are the same? Check the audience overlap of up to 50 influencers and get an idea about the homogeneity of the followers.
Media Value
We provide you with an estimate of how much you would pay for a collaboration - based on reach, target audience, and the expertise of marketing experts.
Content Search
Don't just search for Creators or Brands, search for Content! Our brand new Content Search offers a Creator Filter in addition to the Content Filter. Choose a time intervall and whether you are looking for Posts, Reels and/or Stories and off you go!
Feature Overview
Get yourself an overview of all the feautures influData has to offer! Search & Discovery functions, Audience Insights, Collections, Exports and more.
influData - made by marketing experts
Learn how influData can improve your influencer marketing
Sarah Emmerich
Social Media Expert, Founder of Emmerich Relations
"InfluData makes it easier for me to find influencers in different niches and sizes for my clients. Also, InfluData is my most valuable tool in analyzing influencers I’ve already selected, because I get a quality analysis about the target audience and all the important insights without even having contacted the influencer or their management."
Hannah Sollé
Teamlead Influencer Marketing, hi!shaare.that (Medialabel Network GmbH)
"The best foundation for successful influencer marketing is data. InfluData allows marketers to easily see accurate assessments of key KPIs. At hi!share.that, we've been using InfluData for 2 years and are discovering more and more creators for our community."
Ann-Kathrin Hitzler
Influencer Marketing Consulting, Authorized Signatory Hitzler Marketing KG
"Creators are a dime a dozen, and finding the right one for your campaign was used to be like looking for a needle in a haystack! Until I got to know influData in 2018! I am an enthusiastic customer and partner of the company since day 1 and love it how influData has already saved me a lot of time in screening and reach-out, as well as money by avoiding misposting. Thank you!"
Daniel Zoll
Digital Content Creative, Speaker, Consultant
"influData is a must have-tool for marketers who want to do influencer marketing on a wide professional level. You can get deeper insights about the audiences of your preferred creators and track their content performance on the most important platforms and the latest formats. Thumbs up!"
Adil Sbai
Influencer-Marketing Expert, weCreate Germany
"Good work arises from the combination of strong creatives and good numbers. Because data is the only source to find your way in the increasingly large social media jungle: If you want to find the right creators quickly, you need technical support. With over 10 million creators worldwide and 400k accounts in Germany alone, it's clear that even networks and manual work have their limits. That's why all of our 50 employees regularly use influData and are always happy to provide feedback."
Kristin Gaska
GenZ & TikTok Expertin, Creative Strategist & Consultant, weCreate Germany
"influData has everything I want from a creator search engine and an analysis tool. For our customers, we always find the right influencers in the creator jungle. Due to the timeliness and data depth, we always have a small competitive advantage. For example, no tool makes it easier to find out which creator will go through the roof next."
Prof. Dr. Jonas Polfuß
Marketing Professor, IU International University
"When dealing professionally with social media and influencer marketing, advanced analytics and monitoring tools are a must these days. This is the only way to find suitable cooperation partners partners and view important engagement trends. For applied social media monitoring, influData is a great help to me. For the marketing practice in companies and organizations I also rate the value of the tool as very high."
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